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Packing sequence for a Bilenky Tinker Tandem

This photo sequence illustrates how a complete mountain tandem can be packed in a S and S backpack case . Each bicycle may pack differently and the method shown here may need to be modified for other bicycles. This tandem is shown with it's protective tube covers removed for easier identification of the frame pieces in this illustration. Be sure to adequately protect tubes and components when shipping a bicycle. Note that this method of frame separation results in three individual tubes that make up the center section of the bike. Individual tubes are easy to pack although on large tandems it sometimes makes the front triangle which includes the forks and captians crank too large to fit into our standard case. Removal of the fork or one or more crank arms, although normally not required or recommended, can sometimes be done to overcome this problem.

Show me a photo of the tandem before it is taken apart

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