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Packing sequence for a 56cm Ti CYCLES titanium road bike
equipped with a Campy racing triple and Ergo levers.

Each bike may pack differently and the method shown here may need to be modified for other bicycles. Be sure to adequately protect tubes and components when shipping a bicycle.

The photos and disassembly sequence was provided by the owner of the bike, Ian Giddy

Disassembly sequence

Packing the bike

Bars and front frame section with brakes attached.

Position the wheel to ease the bar and brake though the spokes (squeeze brake)

Ease the wheel in flattened onto the frame with cogs down

Frame rear section angled with droupouts in near right corner.

Add helmet, seat, cranks and chain ring between rear dropouts.

As you close the lid gently work the tire into the lid of the case.
(Shown with the top flange of the compression members removed for clarity)

Catch the 'plane, unpack and reassemble the bike, and go for a ride!

See the fully assembled bike

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