October 1996

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Co-Motion Test Ride

Split frame 26 & 27

Split frame yet a real racing bike

The strength and weight are very similar to a regular bike (double butted tubing and aluminum fork). They offer the following types of bikes - road racer, mountain bike and tandem. A 530mm frame size road racer goes right in a suit case of 540 x 540 x 255mm. The split frame was tig welded, and the top and bottom tube are split (fillet welding is optional). Co-Motion has already done the stress test and proven that the joint is strong enough for any kind of racing and riding. The professional trialist, Hiroshi Yamaguchi has tried this bike. Yamaguchi said, "This is amazing! We can check it in at an air line counter easily without extra charges."

Check out the secret of the split frame

The inter-locking faces of the joint is uniquely shaped. It almost looks like some type of gear. The top is tapered, and this gear mates perfectly when the ring is tightened. It is a simple design, yet the precise fit makes this joint very effective.

Assembling the bike

Simple directions for assembly - It takes about 20 minutes, and Yamaguchi didnít have any difficulty putting the bike together even though it was the first time for him. A carrying case and bag can be folded easily. The bike comes with a hard case also. You donít have to take the hard case with you when you are going touring. According to Co-Motion Company, they are confident that the split frame road bikes are strong and competitive enough to utilize for real races.

Test ride

Yamaguchi said, "I rode about 15 minutes by using the inner gear after adjusting Campagnolo saddle and handle bars. Then I went for a real ride (35 km/h, 22 mph). I maintained an even pace to go up a 4% grade. After that I sped up to 45 km/h, 28 mp/h. The frame was very strong and steady; I didnít even have to worry about the joint at all. Next, I tried sprinting by sitting on my saddle. It was perfectly fine. However, the out of saddle sprint wasnít responsive enough because of the Kinesis aluminum fork. It seems that the fork is designed for longer rides or triathlons. "Kendo International Co. has Kestrel, EMS carbon forks besides the aluminum forks." It is such a stable bike. I could not feel that the bike had a split frame at all. Overall, this is a fine bike and tough enough for real races, according to Yamaguchi.

Frame builders can purchase the S&S Companyís BTC joint system. Standard size 
25.4 mm, 28.6 mm, tandem tubes are also available.

This unique joint system expands the world of bicyclists.


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