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Tandems are our specialty - be it bare frames or complete bikes. We tailor our frames exactly to the needs of each team. After all, each team has their own preferences when it comes to the distances and type of terrain they want to cover, their position on the bike, and the desired handling characteristics.

You have no idea what you want - don't worry: We'll take our time to get to know you and help you find what's right for you.

You plan to swap positions often or ride with several stokers - again no problem: We ride so much that we have to hunt around for riding partners, too. We'll get you set up with a bike to fit a wide variety of people.

For 2000, we have decided to offer a small series of ready-made handbuilt frames. We offer off-road, road and touring frames. Your advantage as a customer: Quick delivery and affordable prices. These models include everything we have learned from years of tandem riding.

Models Available:

Off-road tandems:

 For a maximum of fun anywhere. These bikes are what got us started, because we could not find what we were looking for in an off-road tandem from existing manufacturers.

The roots of Tandem Technology lie in the development of off-road tandems. We are convinced that well though-out suspension can bring both more fun and safety to any tandem team. Better traction means better braking and cornering, more stability at any speed, and last but certainly not least more comfort for the riders.

Sadly, tandems are at a disadvantage compared to singles, because simply adding a suspension fork leaves out the stoker. Due to their position in the middle of the looong bike, tandem captains already enjoy some suspension even on a rigid frame while stokers sit atop a very rigid rear triangle (and with no chance of seeing obstacles in advance). Add a suspension fork to that and you get a very unhappy stoker (or very soon no stoker at all). Thus, the logical consequence is a full suspension frame...

Tandem Technology's PinusCembra* is the answer to all off-road tandeming needs. It was designed and built to hold up to under the toughest conditions, be it pleasure cycling or competitive events. It is the result of years of riding experience and a long phase of testing prototype frames. It encompasses all that we never found in other off-road tandems we have tested: 

In der Entwicklung von Gelände- oder neudeutsch Offroad-Tandems liegen die Wurzeln von Tandem-Technology. Wir sind überzeugt, daß Federsysteme auch und gerade beim Tandem für mehr Spaß und erhöhte Sicherheit, vor allem abseits asphaltierter Wege, sorgen.

Leider führt der Einbau einer Federgabel in ein am Hinterrad ungefedertes Tandem nicht wie beim Single- Mountainbike zu mehr Fahrspaß, sondern zu erheblichen Verdruß des Stokers. Die logische Konsequenz heißt Vollfederung.

Das PinusCembra* ist ein leistungsfähiges Offroad-Tandem, konzipiert für den Einsatz unter härtesten Bedingungen in der Freizeit und bei Rennen. Es ist das Ergebnis einer langen Entwicklungsphase und vereint alle wesentlichen Eigenschaften eines vollgefederten Tandems auf sich: 

Road tandems: 

Strong and light-weight tandems for the ultimate high-speed experience. You can drop singles at will, or just enjoy cruising along with your favorite riding buddy always close enough for a conversation.

Travel tandems:

 Bring it all along - our travel tandems can carry it all. With or without suspension; for weekend trips or tours around the globe.


 .. we can do custom single bikes, too. Just ask!

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Tandem-Technology by Göderle Rahmenbau
Senefelderstraße 15
D-09126 Chemnitz, Germany,
Phone/Fax.: +49 (0)371/5212870
eMail: christoph@tandem-technology.de

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