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We build lightweight, comfortable road bikes, and  tandems. We primarily use Dedacciai and True Temper tubing. We build single bikes with fancy or plain lugs, or TIG-welded frame joints. We feel that lugs add to the individuality and character of a bike. But if a customer prefers the smooth contemporary look of TIG-welded joints, we are happy to comply. We can also fillet braze over TIG welds for a classic steel look. Since we are a custom builder, we can design, at no extra charge, a bike based on customer preferences. Front and rear rack braze-ons, extra water bottle bosses, low-profile frame designs, etc, can be incorporated into your dream bike. We also offer a wide range of beautiful, durable powder-coated finishes, from basic colors to silver or gold-based candy finishes.


Our road tandems, including travel models with S&S couplers, are built with relaxed geometry that allows for smooth handling. We prefer to use a shallower head angle of 71.5 , which allows for a stable-riding tandem without a “twitchy” feel. We also use a slightly longer rear triangle for softer ride. Our tandems are primarily made of U.S.-made True Temper taper-walled, air-hardened, tubing.


S&S Coupler Bikes: 

Ravello travel bikes are built with the stainless steel S and S Machine Bicycle Torque Couplings. These strong but lightweight fittings allow a bicycle to be easily and quickly broken down and packed into a suitcase that can be checked as airline baggage. A coupling is joined by interlocking tapered teeth and secured by a threaded lockring. This joint is extremely strong but easily unthreaded with a simple hook spanner, which is provided with the coupling frame. We can build your touring/travel bike to allow for wider tires, rear foot/pannier clearance, and will add pump pegs, rack and fender braze-ons and extra bottle bosses at no extra charge. Our travel road bikes offer a choice of TIG-welded, fillet-brazed or lugged frames with Dedacciai or True Temper tubing. 

Road Bikes: 

Ravello designs both traditional road bikes and compact (we prefer to call them low-profile) road frames.

Comfort Road Bikes: 

We can integrate comfort features into a road frame, such as a larger headtube and/or longer rear triangle.

Mountain Bikes: 

While we focus on road bikes, we can and do build hardtail mountain bikes too.

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We sell frames and complete bicycles.

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Contact Information:

Ravello Bicycles
Brian Myers
10916 Acoma Road SE  

Albuquerque, NM 87123  

Phone: (505) 271-4858
Email: brian@ravellobikes.com
www: .http://www.ravellobikes.com

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