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LoGo Trikes produce one of the highest quality trikes in the world. At LoGo Trikes and HPVs we believe that if we go the extra mile, you will want to. Our trikes are comfortable, lightweight and reliable and include additional benefits, such as lumbar supports in the seat rails to further enhance lower back support, adjustable handlebars for exactly the right reach and a narrow track to make them more acceptable on dual use paths and for easier negotiation of barriers. A 'round Australia' tour is showing that LoGo trikes can take a beating, fully laden, through all the terrain our country offers; so even if your journey is a little more modest, you will still be riding a trike fully capable of taking on the toughest terrain. Riding a trike offers all the health benefits of regular cycling plus a bit more. Choose a LoGo trike over your favourite gas-guzzler, and you'll see why we say..."We don't cost the Earth!"


I started building trikes about 5 years ago, after almost literally running into Mike KING who was flying along on his Greenspeed GTR 2020. We struck up a conversation about his trike, and one thing led to another, the other being me deciding to build a trike of my own. I didn’t want a copy or a clone, although because of the almost generic nature of a ‘tadpole’ trike, similarities between different makes are inevitable. For gearing reasons, and aesthetics, I chose a 26 inch rear wheel, but retained the popular 20 inch front wheel layout.
Some time later I was approached by CPO Andrew HOOKER, RAN, who wanted to ‘borrow’ #001 for a charity ride on behalf of his then current posting on HMAS TORRENS. That was the last I saw of my trike for six months. Andrew completed his charity run with other crewmembers and returned the trike as good as new. As it turned out he covered 1700 kms between Newcastle and Adelaide without a problem, not even a puncture. This was proof to me that the basic design was sound and that the trike might be suitable for small volume production.
The LoGo VTT trikes you see today are the result of continuous refinement of this first model. They are not racers, rather they are comfortable touring and general commuting trikes, even though, as Andrew confided later, #001 was clocked going in excess of 70 kph on one particular downhill stretch! All LoGo Trikes are now made from TIG welded 4130 Cro–Mo tubing and feature a sling seat with special cutaways and ‘zoned’ tensioning. We know of no other trike makers who include these particular seat features.

Looking ahead

We have had persistent calls over a couple of years to produce a lightweight racer/tourer, so now we have a new design on the go. It features the attractive and efficient 16/20 wheelset, a narrow track, and a target weight of 15 kgs.The VFT trike will be suitable for Audax and serious touring, and of course hydraulic disc brakes are now standard on all our trikes.

Coupled trikes

We can fit S and S couplings to your trike to make it easier to transport. Our standard trikes will travel happily in the back of a station wagon or on the roof of the family car but if you have a small car or want to travel overseas, these couplings reduce the length of the trike by 40%.

Great news America!

Australia's finest sports recumbent tricycle - the LoGo Trike - custom built by Martin Arnold in Spearwood near Perth on the coast of Western Australia, is now available for direct purchase in the USA. Our trikes are comfortable, lightweight, nimble, fast and reliable. They include the best features available on a tadpole trike today, starting with their eye-catching curbside visual appeal. Don't those gracefully upswept tapering chain stays and the elevated crossbeam axle almost shout, "Hey! Ya wanna go for a ride?"  
In the USA, contact: "Wayne Leggett" <wayne@logo-us.com>

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Contact Information:

LoGo Trikes and H.P.V.s
318 Hamilton Road
SPEARWOOD, Western Australia 6163

Phone: International +61 8 9418 2757 
Phone: (08) 9418 2757
Fax: (08) 9418 7703
Mobile: 0410 682 089
e-mail: info@logotrikes.com

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