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At Lee Cooper Cycles we build bicycle frames using traditional methods and materials to give you the best fit and ride possible for road, track, touring and tandems.

We started producing frames under the Lee Cooper name back in 1992, but our experience goes further back when we were working for some of the biggest names in the frame business, in-between racing motorbike and building parts for LandRovers.


We use a range of steel tube sets from Reynolds and Columbus as well as Columbus carbon stay sets. Frames can be built using a wide range of lugs from the conservative to the flamboyant or we can fillet brazed them for an organic, flowing look. Fillet brazing also allows the use of oversize tubes or unusual frame geometry.

The first stage of the design process is determining what type of use the bike will see and any special fittings or set-up that you might need. Next we need the dimensions of your current bike and / or your body dimensions to allow us to position the saddle, handle bars and pedals in the correct position for the best fit. We have a wide range of predesigned bicycle frames with 3 top tube lengths for each frame size so 99% of people will fit on them, for the people who donít fit those designs or have something unusual in mind we can offer a complete made-to-measure service.

Once the geometry and fittings are chosen a suitable tube set can be selected. This is not only the brand and type of tube but also the gauge and butting profile and even the tube shape. Steel tubes because of their strength and fatigue limit can use a smaller diameter allowing a light, responsive frame compared to Aluminium or Titanium both of which have a lower tensile strength and require larger diameter, thicker tubes. Steel can also be easily repaired or modified, essential for long tours in remote areas. 

Steel tubes can be sourced in a massive range of profiles, lengths and thickness allowing us to build exactly the right frame for you no matter what the dimensions or fittings.

The finishing touch to the frame is a coat of paint and decals. Paints can be as plain or as wild as you want, from plain enamels to candy colours, flamboyants and metallics in singles, fades, panels or other designs.

Decals can be custom made in a wide range of colours so having your name or club name on your new bike is no problem. After the decals are applied the frame is coated in a durable lacquer to protect the finish. We also offer a re-spray service for almost any frame.

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