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Columbine Cycle Works began as many small businesses do. An idea became a hobby, the hobby became an obsession, the obsession a way of life. John and Richard Murphy founded Columbine in 1979 with the goal of producing one of the finest bicycles in the world. To build a good frame was not enough. It would be durable, handle superbly and look spectacular. For this ideal, the rugged mountain wildflower, the Columbine was chosen to be the name. The Columbine is distinctive among the high alpine flowers. Its' color, stature and unique beauty are stunning to behold. This striking flower became the symbol for the quality, beauty and special character found in every Columbine frame produced. In a world of cookie-cutter styling, Columbine bicycles stand out as a statement of individuality, personal expression and a passionate pursuit of the craft. 


Columbine Custom

Ultra "Columbine Twins"

The Nature of Custom

Since all Columbine frames are 100% Custom, they are designed specifically for each customers anatomy, riding style, intended use and aesthetic desires. We would ask that you suspend any limiting conventions that you may have held concerning bicycle frames and cycle fit. Each Columbine is made for one unique individual.


Approaching Geometry

Frame geometry from extreme Road Racing through Cross/Hybrid to extreme Mountain exists along a variable continuum. While factory produced frames must be nailed down to narrow specifications so that they lend themselves more readily to mass production, Columbine Frames do not need that type of conformity. So, your Columbine can be optimized for your specific needs. A frequently requested example of this idea is that of a Road Racing frame that can have touring capabilities. Such a frame is approached in a measured step by step deviation from the pure example of the type. For instance, you would be questioned about the maximum tire to be used, and if the bike would ever use fenders, and do you want very responsive or stable steering angles, will the bike still be used in competitive racing like criteriums, etc.? From this inquiry, our design might deviate from the racing extreme with such changes as adding dropout eyelets, 8 mm. more chainstay length, +.2 mm chainstay gauge, 5 mm. more bottom bracket drop, a 73.6 degree head angle instead of 74, and maybe a 47 mm. brake reach instead of 41 mm. This is only one example of the way that we make each design choice for a bicycle involving almost every angle, tube length, and gauge on each frame. That's why we say "100% Custom". 

You will receive the best performance with the least compromise. Columbines are that rare exception in life where you can have your cake and eat it too!       


Columbine Ultra


Columbine bicycles come in a wide range of decoration, from the elegant classical simplicity of the Custom series to the exquisitely detailed features of the Ultra series. Whatever your taste and desires, Columbine can create a bicycle that you will love riding and owning.


Ultra "Earth to Sky" headtube and seatcluster details

The photos shown here are from Columbine's home page. They were cropped and edited so you could get a quick sampling of the beautiful work that they do. Be sure to visit the Columbine home page to view these photos full size and un-cropped.

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