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Dennis Bushnell Dennis Bushnell has been building some the lightest weight, high-performance, and unique bikes for as long as.....well I'll let you figure that out. Dennis was selected to hand-build bicycles for the 1984 U.S. Olympic team. He was also sought out to build the first carbon fiber tandems for Lon Haldeman and Pete Penseyre's record setting ride across the United States back in 1987.
Not many builders have a Polaroid picture of a complete fleet of Team Crest frames that they built for the 1990 Huffy team.

Dennis can claim over 25 years as a Master Frame Builder. That's more years than most custom bike manufacturers have even been in business.

Some of the professional racers that Dennis has built bicycles for over the decades:
     Scott Moninger
     Thurlow Rodgers
     Andy Hampsten
     David Brinton
     Hugh Walton
     Karen Carpenter-Phinney
     Nelson Vails
     Lon Haldeman
     Pete Penseyres
     Many others

Nelson Vails wins Silver
on one of the custom 
Raleighs made by 
Dennis Bushnell for the 
1984 U.S. Olympic team

Custom Tandem Frames
At Bushnell Cycle Design, custom tandems are the specialty. We can build from light weight cro-moly steel, as well as aluminum. Many manufacturers recommend aluminum because of its light weight. Because of Dennis' ability to ovalize and shape steel tubes, at Bushnell, your tandem can be light even if it's made from steel. Most people prefer the smooth riding characteristics and lower cost of steel, but at Bushnell, we can build to your liking.

Click image to full size images of this tandem

Dennis has built a reputation as a builder who can build just about any bike, no matter how long. For almost 30 years now, Dennis Bushnell has been riding, building and innovating in the world of tandem bicycles. His experience and knowledge are unmatched in the world of custom long bikes. 

Custom Triples, Quads, Quints and Convertible Frames

Only a few builders in the world possess the skills or equipment needed to build these exceptionally long monsters. We are one of those shops. We can build the straight forward long bikes like everyone else, or we can build a bike that converts from tandem to triple to quad to quint if you like. If you desire a specialty long bike (triple, quad or quint), why not have one of the world's most experienced and innovative builders make it for you?
Custom frame fixture configured here to make a quint bicycle (5 people)

Counterpoint Opus

Click on this image to learn more about this bike
If you've been to a tandem rally, you've probably seen the tandems where the captain rides in back, and the stoker rides in front in a recumbent position. This bicycle was called the Counterpoint Opus. Dennis was the guy who built most of the original Counterpoint Opus bicycles, and the Counterpoint Trios. 

This style tandem is now made by Bilenky Cylce Works
Bilenky Viewpoint Tandem with S&S Couplings
Bilenky Viewpoint tandem with S and S Couplings

Dennis Bushnell has extensive experience in building world class bicycles. His knowledge of frame materials and shape greatly augments the structural strengths and dependability of his frames. The fit of the tubes is of high importance to us. Great care is taken to achieve accurately mitered frames, which are assembled on a custom designed tandem frame jig, where exact alignment is assured by the use of unique precision instruments. Your frame is then either TIG welded or fillet brazed. This whole process is done personally by the man whose name is on the frame, ensuring quality and guaranteeing satisfaction!
Comfort is essential for the enjoyment of your bicycle. Angles and lengths must be taken into account as does your style. Be it road, race or tour, Bushnell Cycle Designs will custom build your bicycle to fit you perfectly. If it's a tandem, it will fit both "Captain" and "Stoker" perfectly, guaranteed!

So when you're ready for the ultimate single or tandem…THINK BUSHNELL.

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