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My name is Alex Cook.  I am the man behind A-train Cycles, a custom bicycle company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I specialize in building one of a kind custom bicycles and framesets. Each is designed and hand built specifically for the rider, based upon his or her unique characteristics, needs, wishes, and riding style.  All A-train custom bikes are built one at a time, from start to finish by myself.  I build with both steel and stainless steel but I would say that stainless is my specialty.


Why A-train Custom Bicycles?

I believe that building a truly custom bike means building it slowly.  Rather than rushing through the process, each frame is carefully constructed over the course of weeks rather than days. While I certainly could build bikes faster, I think it would be a disservice to the customer.  Details are important.  This means frequent communication with the buyer, a precise understanding purpose, and ultimately, a clear vision of the finished product.  Building custom bicycles is my full time job and I am fully devoted to producing the best possible product and customer experience.




We sell both frames and complete bicycles.

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Feel free to shoot me any questions, comments, ideas, unsolicited praise, or whatever.

A-train Cycles LLC
2718 E. 27th street
Minneapolis, MN. 55406
(651) 295-1525



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