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High Strength Cardboard Box and Optional Box Cover

Box shown with the optional black fabric box cover.

Cardboard box:

This high strength cardboard box is the same size as our hard case and is an economical method of packing a bike for occasional airline travel. It can be used with or without our box cover. When used with the box cover, it makes an attractive yet inexpensive option. For maximum protection, we recommend that up to 4 compression members be used with this box. It measures 26" x 26" x10".  Box (without the black fabric box cover) has an approximate retail price of $41.00 

Box Cover:

The box cover is designed to cover our cardboard box. It not only makes for a nicer looking package but it provides a convenient carrying handle. It's made from heavy duty black nylon fabric and fits snugly over the outside of the box.. It measures 26" x 26" x 10"  Weight 2 lb. Approximate retail price is $ 69.00

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