Ti CYCLES Custom Titanium Touring Bike

Road tires for club races and training rides

Knobby tires for rough road riding

Bob Folline at the 1996 Seattle Bicycle Expo where his new bike was on display.

A comment from Bob regarding his BTC equipped bike

Thank you for your assistance in providing the titanium couplings for my TI CYCLES built touring frame. This has been a long process from concept to a fully complete bike.

My bike uses front and rear AMP disk brakes and as such is subject to tremendous torque loadings. I feel absolutely no flex even when braking or out of saddle sprinting. We built the full titanium bike to be a show piece of technology and to be usable for both loaded touring and for club race and training rides. The light weight of the couplings allowed me to meet my goal of a 23 pound bike complete as shown in the picture.

This bike has been a dream to ride and handles everything from club races and training rides to loaded touring on a rough road with knobby tires. Then it all goes into the suitcase for the flight home.

Bob Folline, tourist, triathlete, Snohomish, WA, e-mail:  bobf@oodg.net

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