Spectrum Light Touring Road Bike

Dear Friends at S & S,

A couple of months ago, I asked Tom Kellogg to design a titanium frame for travel and light touring for me, to include: S&S frame couplings, clearance for 700X28 tires, and rack mounts. I also wanted a low bottom bracket and wanted an extended head tube in order to get the bars up high using a normal road stem.

The frame was made by Merlin and finished by Tom's company, Spectrum Cycles. The results are very nice. The bike fits perfectly with the geometry that Tom K. chose. The ride is silky smooth. The built up bikes weighs under 20 lb. and climbs accordingly. It handles very well - lots of no-hands stability but sharp enough on fast turns. It is a great all-round road bike. I haven't traveled with it yet, but I can't wait to give the S&S couplings a try.

The components shown in the photos:

Thanks for a great product!

Pete Petroski

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