Simoncini Road, Reynolds 753 Tubes


Top tube S&S Coupling


Down tube S&S-Coupling and classical Miche Crankset


a classic: Cinelli Volare SLX Saddle from 1986


Signature under clear varnish


Silva Dropout with Simoncini Stamp


Sticker with Simoncini Logo under clear varnish.
Engraving is also possible.

Our Simoncini Frame with S&S Couplings is very special for us. Let me tell you why. We are a group of 10 cyclists from Bremen (Germany). In march we start riding with a trainee in Italy, tuscany or emiglia romagna. 5 years ago we met Orlando Simoncini in Gambassi Terme. We were enthusiastic about the quality of the steel frames he offers. Since then we buy our frames made to measure from him.
This march Bernd celebrates his 50th Birthday and we were looking for an adequate present for our friend, who loves to travel by train. I made a contact with Norbert Koehn who is the German Importer for S&S Parts. He is also competent for Italy. On a sellout list he offers one complete Tubeset Reynolds 753 with Forkblades. It’s one of the lasts from the Reynolds Factory in Birmingham, England. So I ordered the Parts and Norbert sent them to Orlando.
He had no Problems to produce the Frame. We’ve collected him raw with total nickel protection and chromium plating only for the dropouts. Back in Bremen, a friend of us did the painting with 4 layer Polyacryl. Masks and Stickers I’ve constructed for myself in Winter with the micrografX-Designer Vector-Program. So the Design is total unique (with Bernd’s and Orlando’s Signature at the top Tube).
The bike rides excellent, there are absolutely no influences from the couplings. For heavy bikers Orlando recommends the Dedacciai COM12.5 Tubes in oversize diameters. Maybe our Frame is the first in Italy built S&S Frame but we are sure, some will follow.

Edgar Jakobs

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