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Communications before  and after buying and S&S Coupled bike.

Almost certain to place an order soon for an S&S coupled bike, however...
much of it's use will be on cobblestones in Belgium and France - literally 25-30 km of cobblestones per ride. Although I have read nothing but good stuff, is the 'constant' vibration a problem on a properly tightened bike? Thanks.

Thank you for your inquiry regarding S and S Couplings. Cobblestones won't be a problem regardless of how much you ride on them. The constant vibration won't damage the coupling or shorten it's life in any way. If you tighten the nuts properly, they won't loosen. Please take a look at our user guide on line at: for tightening guidelines. Also, in order to properly tighten the nut, it's important to use only DuPont Teflon Bearing Grease (Discontinued so now use Finish Line Extreme Fluoro Grease). Please take a look at: so you will know why we recommend only DTBG for S and S Couplings. BTW, If you do get a bike with couplings and then hammer it silly, I hope you will let me know how you like it.
-S and S Machine

Bike arrived 5 days before leaving for Belgium. About 31-33 km of cobbles total with no need to retighten at all.

Update 2008:
I did it again in 2008 and put over 50 km of cobblestones on it without having to touch it.

Update 2010:
Every meter of stones from the entire RVV and Paris-Roubaix courses plus additional rides.  Probably 110 km total over 12 days and only had to tighten it up once (barely). -Mike

Michael Owens

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