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Several years ago, the ultimate bicycle traveler, Willie Weir came to us and asked us to build the ultimate touring bike. A bike that he could take to the Balkans, Cuba, and other out of the way destinations around the world. The bike had to have very low gearing, very reliable componentry (there aren't a lot of high tech bike repair shops where Willie travels), and be durable enough to travel on some very rough roads. All of this, and the bike would have to easily pack up into a suitcase for convenient transport. The Ultimate Touring Bike, or UTB, was born. 

Super Portability!

Over the last 2 years, we've noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of people buying touring bikes. At R+E Cycles, we've always built a lot of touring bikes, but the invention of S&S couplings has spawned a different kind of traveller, the ultimate traveller. You see, when a bike is equipped with S&S couplings, it can be packed into a suitcase that is 26"X26". This means there are really no limits to where you can travel with the bike. 

Pictured here is the largest W2 (size 6) in the box and ready for closing the lid. This bike belongs to a 6' 3" customer.



The packed bicycle is shown here without the front wheel for clarity.  The front wheel is placed in the lower half of the case on top of everything else then the lid is closed.

This year, I wanted to offer an Ultimate Touring Bike at a production price. Until now, a bike of this magnitude was only available through our custom option. So I asked Willie to help me design an Ultimate Touring Bike that we can offer to our customers. He, as usual, was full of magnificent ideas and we came up with a fantastic new design. Meet the Rodriguez W2 (Willie Weir or World Wide) Adventure . 

This bike is rugged, well thought out, designed by someone whose life is bicycle touring, and handbuilt right here in Seattle by a company with over 30 years in the business. If you want to ride without being limited to smooth, paved roads, this is your bike. If you want go continent hopping, and bring your bike along for fun, this is your bike. If you want to have the experience of a lifetime on a bicycle, this is your bike. The Rodriguez Adventure W2 is ready for anything. Come in and try one out! Don't live in Seattle? Check out our long distance test ride policy.

The Specs

Standard Package

Willie Package

Ultimate Package

Price $2,299 $2,299 $3,199
Frame True Temper Verus True Temper Verus True Temper Verus
Fork Tandem grade Cro-moly Tandem grade Cro-moly Tandem grade Cro-moly
Bottom Bracket Mirage Deore LX Phil Wood
Rear Derailleur Mirage Triple Deore LX Chorus Triple
Front Derailleur Shimano Triple Shimano Triple Chorus Triple
Shift/Brake levers Mirage Ergo Tektro ATB Chorus Ergo
Brakes Cantilever Cantilever Cantilever
Cranks Alloy Triple 28/38/48 Alloy Triple 28/38/48 FSA Gossamer 28/38/48
Head Set 1 1/8" FSA Alloy 1 1/8" FSA Alloy 1 1/8" FSA XL2
Hubs Veloce 9-speed Shimano 9-speed Phil Wood 9-speed
Spokes DT stainless DT stainless DT stainless
Wheels Hand-built Hand-built Hand-built
Bars Drop Alloy Flat Alloy FSA Alloy Drop
Stem Alloy Alloy Profile Alloy
Bar tape Cinelli Cork ATB Grips Cinelli Cork
Tires Serfas 26 X 1.5 Serfas 26 X 1.5 Serfas 26 X 1.5
Seat post 28.6 Alloy 28.6 Alloy 28.6 Alloy
Seat Serfas Cosmos Serfas Cosmos Serfas Cosmos



Est. Rider height

Stand over cm

Top tube

Seat tube angle

Head angle

1 5'-5'3" 71cm 49.5cm ctr. to ctr. 73.5 degree 71 degree
2 5'4"-5'7" 73.7cm 51cm ctr. to ctr. 73 degree 71 degree
3 5'6"-5'9" 76.2cm 52.5 ctr. to ctr. 73 degree 71 degree
4 5'8"-5'11" 78.9 54 ctr. to ctr. 73 degree 71 degree
5 5'10"-6'2" 81.3 57.2 ctr. to ctr. 73 degree 71 degree
6 6'2"-6'4" 83.3 58 ctr. to ctr. 73 degree 71 degree

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