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Touring configuration

Mountain configuration

Dave Hall’s Trail Bike/Touring Couplumtick- This utilitarian bike is designed as either a mountain bike or a touring bike. Dave can throw on his 115mm travel, Reba fork and rail the trails or switch to his rigid, Karate Monkey fork with low-rider brazeons, slick tires, racks and fenders, and go touring. Dave was after a comfortable, practical bike that he could fit into an airline checkable backpack and easily travel with, no matter if his rambles take him in search of prime singletrack or on long, self supported tours. HT-70.5, ST-72.5, TT-578mm, Chainstay Length-426mm. 


Touring configuration

Sally Hall’s Touring Couplumtick- This 26” touring bike was designed for extended, self supported tours and to accommodate Sally’s towering 5’2” stature. This bike features ample stand over, long chianstays and a low bottom bracket to increase stability and manageability while loaded. This bike is capable of transforming from a touring machine with disc brakes and full racks and fenders, into a mountain bike with an 80mm travel fork and clearance for 2.5” Tires. HT-70.5, ST-73.5, TT-535mm, Chainstay Length-438mm.

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