Naked Bikes Custom Touring Bike with S and S Couplings


Back in 2006 Sam at Naked Bicycles made a full touring bike with S & S couplers and Rohloff hub, complete with stainless steel full polish lugs for Bryan who had plans of riding this bike across Canada from coast to coast. That’s over 8500 km’s or riding! Well, he did it and here’s his account. Congratulations Bryan!! If you want to check out his blog of the trip go to:

Read Bryan's Comments Below:

Bryan at Cape Spear, Newfoundland


S and S Couplings were custom carved to match the Pacenti Pro Lugset PT-123 stainless lugs

Decent of Sunwapta Pass, AB

Near Robsart, Saskatchewan

Here’s what Bryan had to say.....

“… I bought my Naked Rohloff with the intent of riding across Canada, and I’m pleased to say that I have finally attained that goal! I started on June 13 of this year and reached St. Johns on September 9th, and did the obligatory ceremonial ride to Cape Spear, NL on 09/11. I haven’t looked at my ride ‘data’ since I got home a few days ago, but I believe I took 20 rest days, about 1/3 of those in Montreal, where I spent a significant time visiting old friends in the province I grew up in.
My Naked Rohloff, was FULLY loaded for this X-Canada tour, which I rode solo, for the most part. I camped across our great country, so I had 4 water bottles and 1 fuel bottle, 4 panniers, a handlebar bag and a food bag that was placed on top of my rear panniers. The bike was 38 pounds with racks and cages, the 4 main panniers were 42 pounds and I never weighed the food and handlebar bags, nor the 5 filled bottles of water/fuel. I figure I pushed over 100 pounds easily! It was HEAVY!
You will be proud to know that I did NOT experience any mechanical issues with my Naked Rohloff! Of course, I had maintenance to perform: I had to replace my chain every 3,000 kms, adjust my brake and Rohloff cablings, rotate my tires around the halfway mark as the rear tire wore a bit faster than the front tire, not unexpectedly. Meanwhile, I did have 3 partners at separate times during my tour, and EACH one of those had an issue of some sort, e.g., breaking spokes, stripped screws on their racks, etc. In fact, I found that I was supplying my partners with my cable ties, and other parts I had brought along for emergencies, etc.! Also, I had ZERO flats – I love my Schwalbe Marathon Pluses (my specification for the bike) – they lasted the entire 8545kms!…” 

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