Meridian Attaché convertible tandem/triplet 

Tandem configuration


Triplet configuration

The following photos and comment provided by the owners.

This comment was provided by the owner, Jon Wolf.

Custom bikes never come fast enough. It takes time to dream, time to justify, time to conceive, and time to build. I've never been dissatisfied with a custom and our new Meridian "Attaché" Triplet is no exception!

The first few hundred miles on our triplet was well worth the wait. Yes, its still winter, but this bike will get lots of miles regardless of the season. Built for three adults, actually two adults and three growing teenagers, we found that only a triplet would solve our current needs, wants, and desires. Even with current stable of three tandems, we were either in need of a sixth rider or someone had to ride a single. With five active riders outfitting our family is no easy trick. Flexibility has been the key to successfully keeping everyone in our family interested in this sport. A custom Tandem/Triplet? An extravagance? Perhaps! But, why not? I'm sure you will all agree that this kind of quality family time is priceless.

Our first three rides were done in the Triplet configuration. The responsiveness of the steel frame was awesome. No flex and great power transfer. Our first "all out effort" produced a blistering max speed of 41 mph on the flats (wind aided). This bike was intended to be ridden hard and fast and the preliminary results met our expectations. The Campy 10 speed shifting is excellent with little or no lag for what seems to be miles of cable. In fact, given that this is a custom ride it should be noted that
both stoker compartments are an extra long 76 cm.

The next two rides were done in a tandem configuration. The S&S couples are a breeze to work with: From Triplet to Tandem in less than 15 minutes including minor adjustments. Two days of club rides. Day one: 45 miles of rolling hills, two strong riders and way too much fun. These are supposed to be recreational rides but they never turn out that way. My stoker for these rides was a family friend and he was just amazed with both the comfort and fit. We made a good showing "hammering with the big boys." Day two: Killer Hills! 40 miles and 3500 feet of elevation. How would this bike handle? We had already hammered the flats and the rollers but, could this beast climb and descend real hills? This clear answer is YES. Throughout the morning we rode in the saddle, alternated standing, and occasionally both stood out of the saddle for maximum power. These are roads we know well so, descending at high speeds is the norm. This Meridian, pushed hard, did not disappoint. Once home, it took another 15 minutes to reconfigure back into a triplet.

About the bike: Meridian steel tubing, S&S couplers, Alpha Q carbon Fork, Chris King Headset, FSA Carbon cranks, Campy record 10 speed ego levers, brakes and derailleurs, Aero Spoke Wheels, Wheels Manufacturing 10 Speed Campy conversion cassette, and Vittoria 700x23 EVO KX tires. 

Reflections: S&S couplers provide great flexibility if you need it. Two or three strong riders can easily overcome any weight disadvantage. The same is true for the Aero spoke wheels. Yes, they are heavy but they provide a very good ride. Some weight savings is gained by the addition of the Alpha Q carbon fork. We also ride a Reynolds Fork on our Santana and I would recommend them both. Finally, there has been much discussion recently on T&H about tires. My two cents is that the EVO KX is an exceptional tire.

So, it was well worth the wait. Quality family time on daily and weekend rides, rally's and tours, riding hard and riding fast in combinations of twos and threes.

Jon, Tonya, Leah, Alex and JJ.

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