Merlin Road Bike with S and S Couplings

A comment from the owner of this bike.

Just back from the Merlin's first overseas Johannesburg and Cape
Town , South Africa.

The whole experience of traveling with the bike in its compact hard case was
a sheer delight....particularly each time I remembered my previous trips
with a traditional bike case. I assembled and rode the bike in Johannesburg;
then packed it, flew to Cape Town, and repeated same.....I'm getting very
comfortable with the whole process.

In Cape Town I completed the Cape Argus bike race (with 38,000 other
participants !) . As a side story, I had a pretty bad crash during the race,
and though I finished, I ended up with my left arm in a sling for a while.
With minor help from my wife and sister , I packed the bike, and
wonder-of-wonders, could handle it into cars and airports with just my
right arm....something I could have never done with the old system.

So thanks to all of you....turns out my "project" was very worthwhile.
Here's a photo of me and the Merlin during the race [after being patched up
in a medical tent ] .


Mike Margolis

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