Lynskey Performance Titanium Tandem Bicycle with S and S  Couplings 

A comment from the Lynskey Performance web site regarding this tandem:

It is always nice to hear from our customers, but in this particular case, it is twice as nice. This was our first tandem as Lynskey Performance there were quite a few made back in the olden days at a location not too far from where I sit today, but all the same. This one is ours, well actually it belongs to Tracey & Cathy. Here is what they had to say.

I'm really sorry it took me so long to actually get these to you guys... we've really enjoyed the bike... besides the obvious coolness factor, and being the "first" Lynskey tandem, it carves turns like it's on rails... we've easily hit 45-50 mph on downhills and it's solid... no shimmy, no shake, just confidence-inspiring stability. It's stiff without being harsh... that perfect blend that everyone wants! I think we enjoyed the construction process and visiting the plant nearly as much as the bike itself. Watching the bike being built, and talking with David and the other folks really gives you a sense of what goes into a bike... not just tubes and welds, but heart and soul. We think it's a very special bike in many ways!



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