Independent Fabrication Single Speed Planet X



Steven Elmes on his single speed Planet X.

We have been building and riding them for years, we just haven't made a big deal out of it. This year we are making them available in a variety of forms, mountain, road, and even cyclocross. We start with our standard models, add custom machined paragon track dropouts, leave off the appropriate brazeons, and what you are left with is one heck of a fun bike.

Shown is a single speed Deluxe with S&S couplings and a new IF rigid fork. Custom Kandy Kobalt Blue paint covers the frame, fork, and salsa stem. For sizing, please refer to the appropriate model on the specs page. Single speeds are available at no extra charge.

S and S Coupling

S&S Couplings
A frequent flyer's dream come true. Beautifully machined Stainless steel couplings, created by S&S Machine are installed by us during the manufacturing of a frame. These couplings allow the frame to be separated into two halves which can then be packed in a 26x26x10" case (available at an extra charge). No more extra charges at the airport and no more wrestling with cumbersome hard cases. S&S couplings add only a few ounces to the finished frame.

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