Guru Triathlon Bike with S and S Couplings

Guru Triathlon Bike with S and S Couplings

Steve, Your website (and company?) is SUCH a great resource!! I've been going to your site and directing others to it for almost a year now. The person who first directed me to it was one of the guys at Jack & Adam's Bicycles in Austin, Texas. I got a custom Guru titanium triathlon bike made with the S+S couplings, and I think it's the first Guru had ever done. I got the bike on October 1, 2005 and have just loved it! In fact, on its first just-for-fun trip (versus flying it to a race), my (now) husband and I biked with some friends outside Washington, DC. He borrowed one of their bikes and I rode my own. My bike fit perfectly and felt great; his didn't. "Don't you wish you could be riding YOUR OWN bike??" I talked him into getting a new bike with S+S. He ended up buying the same model Guru a few months later. We even took our bikes to Hawaii on our honeymoon just because we could! It has been fantastic, and people are always so curious about the technology. Julia Weatherby

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