Touring Holland
Dean USA Titanium Road Bike with BOB Coz Trailer 

The packed bike (front wheel removed for clarity)

Rhone to Rhine canal and bikeway

"Bagged" bike and S and S hard case mounted on a BOB Coz trailer.

The pix of the bike "bagged" was a result of there being trains with bicycle compartments (12 Euro surcharge) from Brussels to Strausbourg, France, but no trains with bicycle compartments from Strassbourg back to Brussels (at least on the day I traveled). "Bagged" bikes are not charged. My solution was to ask my hotel's front desk for some large plastic bags, uncouple the BTCs, remove the wheels, and have a "bagged bike" (just barely). I paid for a first class ticket, got a compartment to myself, which looked like a bike workshop.
George Darby, cyclist 

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