Co-Motion Mocha Co-Pilot Tandem

The front triangle is quickly removed so the tandem will fit on this train in France
(note that with this coupling placement configuration, the timing chain stays on)

On 8/9/2005, this message was posted by the Semons to the tandem@hobbes e-mail list for tandem bicycle enthusiasts regarding their new Co-Motion tandem. Used with permission.

   "Mel (the owner of Tandems East, the retailer that sold the tandem to the Semons) spent time with us showing us how to pack the tandem into the two backpack suitcases and we had a good chance to become familiar with the process. I had spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Mel discussing what we wanted and we couldn't be happier with the tandem. It survived nearly 2000kms of hills in France with no problems at all. The S&S couplers proved their worth a few times. The first was still in the US when we had to transfer from La Guardia airport to JFK. Our plane had been delayed so we were a bit short on time to make the transfer. We were able to just put the  2 suitcases containing the tandem in the boot of a Yellow Cab and off we went, making the boarding call by a matter of minutes. If we had a full size tandem box we would have needed to catch a bus and in the process missed our flight. France is great for cycling but the trains aren't quite so good. The regional trains only carry bikes suspended by the hooks which is great for a normal bike but not for a tandem. We were able to just disconnect the front section of the tandem which only took a few minutes and hang it in the train in 2 pieces. We caught trains twice while we were there and it made life very easy. Austria was much easier on the trains that we took (the bike path along the Danube was flooded) as there was a large baggage section just for bikes in each train."
Geoff & Marian Semon, Sydney, Australia Co-Motion Mocha Co-Pilot

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