Co-Motion Supremo Co-Pilot tandem

The Supremo is available with our Co-Pilot option (S&S Couplings) for suitcase portability. 
Shown painted with Cranberry Red metallic 

A hundred years ago, tandems were for men in knickers and women in bloomers, carrying parasols. A tandem was for a leisurely jaunt to the ice cream parlor or a quiet picnic. Perspiration and physical exertion were seen as contrary to civilized living. Sometimes, change is good. 

The Supremo represents a departure from traditional thinking about tandems. Our goal was to create the lightest, best performing steel-framed tandem ever produced. Taking advantage of our highly regarded geometry and advanced Co-Motion designed steel tandem tubing, the Supremo naturally has a head start on every other contender. We've been helping our customers make intelligent choices for turning their all-purpose tandems into dedicated road machines for many years. To make the Supremo complete, all we needed was to apply our experience. 

We put our knowledge to work to develop the first carbon fork designed specifically for tandems with Wound Up Composites. Equipped with this new super-light Wound Up/ Co-Motion carbon tandem fork, the Supremo raises the bar on tandem handling performance. The Supremo's lighter, aerodynamic wheels make accelerating nearly effortless. Since safety and longevity are a top priority here, we have extensively tested these new components for hard tandem duty. Combining these with an air-hardened steel chassis, the Supremo isn't just a light and fast tandem; it's an incredibly stout little two-seater rocketship. 

The Supremo begs to be pushed harder, challenging you to take longer pulls and steep climbs. The ride is solid, smooth, fast, and seductively easy. Of course, you could take this tandem for an ice cream run, but we're betting your joy rides will concentrate more on the journey than the destination. Welcome to the modern era. 

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