Co-Motion Cappuccino Co-Pilot tandem
(Formerly the Sky Capp)

The comfort and efficiency of the Cappuccino in a travel-ready version. 
Shown painted in Light Blue metallic 

Recreational cycling has changed a great deal in recent years, with participation in centuries, double centuries, and cross-state rides growing enormously. Naturally, the more time you spend riding, the more important an efficient, comfortable machine becomes. Even more important is the need to share your passion for riding together. 

The Cappuccino has earned a reputation as the ultimate tandem for extended rides, some stokers wouldn't even ride a mile on another tandem! The Softride™ beam delivers the most active suspension available for the stoker. Unlike the limited action of an added suspension seatpost, the beam absorbs all vibration and stutter bumps as well as unexpected jolts. The difference is amazing. 

A smoother ride for the stoker means the captain is happier, too. When the stoker is at ease, shifting the body on the saddle occurs less often, making the captain's job easier. In fact, most teams notice a striking increase in their average speed, the result of increased efficiency from effort saved not having to react to road terrain. You'll also find yourselves spending more time talking about what you want to, instead of dealing with bumps in the road ahead! 

The Cappuccino's compact rear frame section makes it our most rigid frame, and due to the beam's suspension, you'll benefit from that extra stiffness without penalty. Captains find this tandem gives up nothing in performance, carving turns and climbing hills with the renowned Co-Motion attitude. 

Our Apex frame design integrates the beam's rear mount in line with the top tube at the apex. Pioneered by Co-Motion for the Cappuccino, the Apex distributes the beam's compression loads away from the mount, for better strength than overstressed add-on designs. Best of all, the Apex™ design eliminates the “beam sway” other Softride-equipped tandems suffer from. 

When we introduced the Cappuccino, we speculated that it would appeal mostly to new cyclists. In the ensuing years, the Cappuccino has become well loved by all kinds of cyclists, from ultra-marathoners to casual Sunday riders. Whether you're shopping for your first or last tandem, the Cappuccino deserves a serious test ride. We're betting you'll love it, too. 

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