Co-Motion Speedster Co-Pilot tandem

Our original travel tandem and still the very best. 
Shown with optional touring package and Bright Silver metallic paint 

Co-Motion tandems have a reputation for exceptional quality of craftsmanship and ride-ability, and the backbone of that reputation rests firmly on the Speedster. If you were to take all of the personality traits that define a Co-Motion tandem; the Speedster possess them all. Here is a tandem that you can load up for a trans-continental tour, yet it is also a fierce competitor in a tandem peloton. 

When you’re riding the Speedster, you’ll experience Co-Motion's quantifiably better control that other tandems simply lack. Our advanced design and unmatched construction may make you forget you’re on a tandem at all, which may explain why the way our tandems handle is often compared to top-quality single bikes. The Speedster steers nimbly and quickly, but better still; the precision of handling Co-Motion tandems are famous for equates to better safety as well. This tandem is remarkably lightweight and fun to take up long climbs, yet rock solid and stable on winding descents. 

Co-Motion's unmatched ride quality is the foundation of our tandem reputation, and we believe in packaging it with beautiful workmanship and finish. No one wants to invest in a machine as well developed as the Speedster without reaping the aesthetic rewards that Co-Motion owners expect. Super precise TIG welded joints, impeccable finish details, and show-quality custom paint are all yours to enjoy even when you don’t have the time to take a ride. 

This year, we have upgraded the Speedster's frame construction with further improvements to our exclusive air-hardening steel tandem tube package, a Cro-Moly steel unequaled by any steel alloy used by other tandem manufacturers. As on all Co-Motion models, one-piece top and lateral tubes keep the frame straight and strong with no interruptions at the center joints. These zonally-butted tubes, made to our stringent specifications, produce a lighter tandem frameset than any prior generation of Cro-Moly tubing. The result is that the Speedster delivers a ride that is crisp and comfortable at the same time. 

A roomy stoker compartment, simple sizing system, and numerous stem selections for captain and stoker make a great fitting tandem a reality for just about any team. The Speedster's high level of component specifications will leave you completely satisfied that you own one of the best tandems the world has to offer. And the good news is: you’ll be absolutely right. 

Read what David Morgan of Tandem Magazine has to say about the Co-Motion Co-Pilot tandem (now Speedster)

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