Co-Motion Nor’Wester Co-Pilot

Ride the Rockies, RAGBRAI, Seattle to Portland, Great Western Bike Rally, Ride for the Roses, Cycle Oregon -Just hearing the names of these rides invokes a sense of anticipation that can inspire a season of training and commitment. Mass-celebrations of cycling, they attract thousands of cyclists as a growing number of new riders realize that they want to incorporate into their lifestyle the unique challenges these events present.

The Nor’Wester is the perfect bicycle to allow these challenging events to be completed comfortably, efficiently, safely, and more enjoyably. A bike designed for the kind of riding you do – organized tours, centuries, credit card touring, adventures abroad, or simply commuting in your own hometown. You won’t outgrow the Nor’Wester: instead it will become a trusted companion that will help you to achieve your goals.

As the Northwest’s premier handcrafted bicycle maker, we get many requests for a bike that’s not strictly a racer and not quite as touring -extreme as our Americano. We call these in-between designs “tweeners” and the Nor’Wester exemplifies the breed. Maximum versatility, precise, stable handling, and all-day comfort are what we build the Nor’Wester for. With all its capabilities, the Nor’Wester still climbs and accelerates like an ultra light racer. Designed to accommodate moderate touring loads, fatter tires, and fenders while providing a more relaxed riding position; the Nor’Wester is truly a bike you can live on.

We build the Nor’Wester with the magic carpet ride quality that only a hand built double-butted cro-moly steel frame can offer. You’ll appreciate the lively, springy ride and the rock solid stability you need to carry your panniers or maybe just your credit card. Details like fully brazed fittings, and hand-sculpted dropouts exemplify that the craft of framebuilding is alive and well here at Co-Motion Cycles.

Since we’ve never seen another fork that can handle the stress of fully loaded front racks with as much grace and style as the one we build for our Americano, it’s the natural choice for the Nor’Wester. We offer the Nor’Wester with your choice of the new longer-reach calipers, or with cantilever brakes.

The versatile nature of the Nor’Wester can be enhanced with the Co-Pilot Option; S+S couplers that allow for suitcase portability with no surcharges from the airlines. A Nor’Wester Co-Pilot just might be the one bike you can own that will do everything you need it to do. Shown painted with custom Sargeant Green paint and optional Campagnolo Centaur kit and Avid Shorty Cantilever brakes.

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