Nishiki Touring Bike Retrofit with S and S Couplings by CycleArt

A Comment from the owner regarding this bike:

After a bike tour in England's Cotswold Hills a few years ago, and having to carry my dismantled Bob Jackson in one hand around airports plus luggage in the other, I decided that an S and S coupled bike that would fit into a suitcase with wheels would make such travel much easier. I visited Jim Cunningham at CyclArt, and he had this very nice early 1980s Nishiki touring frame on hand, made of Tange tubing, so I asked him to put S and S couplers on it. Jim predicted that I would like the way this bike handles, and he was correct. It is a pleasure to ride, and it certainly is nice to wheel the suitcase around instead of carrying a bike at the airport. Preston Grant


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