Bilenky Signature Travel Tourlite with Stainless Steel Lugs

This owner's comment was forwarded to S and S by Stephen Bilenky of  Bilenky Cycle Works.

 "Stephen (Bilenky), I got home from work last night at 9 p.m. and there it was. As I unwrapped the frame, I found the most beautiful paint job and lug work I had ever seen. Absolutely astonishing. Mixing silver highlights into the purple color was so perfect. It really shows off the stainless steel lugs and S&S couplers. Wow! The simple traditional cut on the lugs makes this a real classic. Needless to say, I couldn't resist assembling my new bike, so I didn't get much sleep last night. Nice selection on parts, by the way. The entire bike is much lighter than I imagined, including the Brooks saddle. Too bad it was raining in Charlotte this morning, so I did no riding, just a lot of staring. Right now, it's leaning against the wall in my living room. The bike's color changes depending on what kind of light it's in, which is a really neat effect.
Yours is a shop with some real craftsmen. I knew that already from our Signature tandem (people tell us all the time it's the most beautiful tandem they've ever seen), but this Deluxe Tourlite really knocks me out. Definitely worth the wait. Thank you and everyone at Bilenky Cycle Works who worked on my bike for doing such a terrific job. Really masterful."  Barry Taylor

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