Moots Mountain Bike Retrofit by Bilenky Cycle Works

This comment was forwarded to S&S by Bilenky Cycle Works. "Stephen, I just wanted to thank you and reiterate that I am stoked on the Bilenky/S and S retrofit. It has passed the test. My first big trip was to Kalispell Montana where I did an awesome singletrack ride the first day before working for a couple days. No one around but Grizzlies! Then, the last day I was there I did a road ride on the closed "Going to the Sun" Logan Pass road through Glacier National Park. 40 miles in the mountains with beautiful high peaks in all directions. I was a bit worried about luggage inspectors and baggage handlers but shouldn't have been. The case makes it through the airport as fast as I do. Thanks again!"
David Evans, cyclist, Tustin CA (on a Moots mountain bike retrofit by Bilenky Cycle Works)

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