5 LeMond Road Bikes Retrofit by Bilenky Cycle Works  

LeMond road bike being cut for S&S Couplings
It all starts with a hacksaw............

Stephen Bilenky of Bilenky Cycle Works says: We do lots of LeMonds!

This comment was forwarded to S&S by Bilenky Cycle Works:

"With regards to the S&S retrofit you applied to my white Lemond Zurich frame two weeks ago, it turned out great. I assembled the bike last week and rode it on Saturday and am highly satisfied. I came to my bike club meeting place with the 350Z (car) pulled out the bike from the trunk and assembled it. Everyone around me was fascinated. The only disassembly required was removing both wheels, unscrewing the cable quick connects and couplers. The seat and handlebars remained in place. During the ride, I wasn't even the slightest bit aware that the bike had been modified with the couplers, it performed great."
Domenick Creaco, cyclist, Franklin Square, NY on a Bilenky Retrofit

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