Bilenky Road Bike

This is a comment Steen Navrbjerg, the owner,  wrote to Stephen Bilenky of Bilenky Cycle Works, the builder.

"I've done some 2000 km on the Bilenky, and it works perfectly. 

Last year, I biked from Nice along the the cote d'Azur, over the Pyrenees to San Sebastian. I actually have some pretty good pics from that trip - among others a pic with the Bilenky, me and Virenque written over the road - I did some of the Tour de France stages. I have to scan pics or send them on paper by snail-mail. This trip was with panniers. 

This year, I've been to Italy, biking around in the mountains of the regions of Lazio, Abruzzo and Umbrien - mid-Italy. This time without luggage.

This Bilenky just handles wonderfully. It is stable with panniers, and yet agile without - something I actually thought impossible. Bravo to Stephen...!!!!"
Steen Navrbjerg, cyclist, Denmark on a road bike built by Bilenky Cycle Works

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