Packing a Bilenky Cycle Works Eco-Travel Bicycle

Please note:

Although they aren't shown in this Bilenky packing instructions sheet, S and S recommends that compression members be used in conjunction with the hard case. We also recommend that the entire contents including the front wheel be assembled in the bottom half of the case, including the compression members, before the lid is closed. Trying to close a lid while installing the compression member top flanges is nearly impossible. Please refer to step 7 of our preferred packing sequence for details regarding installing the compression members and closing the lid.

In addition to this packing instruction sheet, Bilenky Cycle Works instructs people to put the front wheel in the lid to prove out the packing fit, then remove the wheel to fit it on top of the bottom section with the compression members in place, add the top caps of the compression members, then close the lid while tucking in the tire.


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