Bilenky Lugged Tandem with S and S Couplings.
Best Tandem Bike at the NAHBS for 2009

Best Tandem Bike
“I want a lugged tandem, what can you do?” This request from a customer led Stephen Bilenky to create the tandem that won the NAHBS Award. The customer was interested in a tandem with a classic European look and sent him some lugs from Rivendell, who does not make tandem frames. Several parts needed to be made from scratch, since fabricated lugs for tandems do not exist. To create a classic looking headtube, a bi-laminate piece was created as a substitute for one of the lug. The blades on the fork are original Jack Taylor’s from the 1960s, so a fork crown had to be fabricated too. 

Best Tandem Bike at the 2009 NAHBS show

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