Installing Panels Inside BACKPACK Case

Assemble the 4 panels together to form a square.

Position the soft case on its side with the handles facing you.

Place the panel assembly inside the soft case.

Install the corners of the panel assembly into the corners of the soft case and keep the Velcro on the panels from touching the Velcro on the soft case until all 4 corners are inserted. The panels, at this point, will all be bowing inward toward the middle of the case.

Starting with the front then the two sides, one at a time carefully align each square Velcro on the panel to its mating Velcro on the soft case. Push the panel outward, stretching the soft case. The first three sides will be relatively easy. On the back panel, it might appear that the case will not stretch enough to accept the panel, push firmly in the center of the panel until in pops into place. Check, to make sure, that the panels are all pushed down into the bottom corners and zip the top closed before putting any items into the case; it will be easier to make minor adjustments in the position of the panels with it empty.